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Privacy Policy

Use of cookies

The web site, a property of the Sallustio srl, uses cookies in order to make the Web surfing easier for the user.


What is a cookie?

Cookies are a small piece of text that the computer, or every other device, stores when you visit a website. This files contain information which are remembered when you visit for a second time the same web site.

There are different types of cookies. In addition to the ones which remember the user and his preferences, there are the ones which are fundamental for the web surfing, for the security, for the updating system, for the statistics analysis. The cookies can be also first or third party.

Why uses cookies? uses cookies in order to make the web surving easier and in line with the preferences and tastes of the user.


Which kind of cookies uses this web site?

Navigation Cookies

They allow the right use of the web site, the possibility of having the contents in the language the user prefers, they recognize the state from which the user is connecting to the web site.

Performance Cookies

This kind of cookies could be first or third party, session cookies or persistent cookies. This cookies control the habits of the user (keeping the anonimate) and can improve the performance of the web site. One of this kind of cookies are the ones bond to the web analytics.

Functional Cookies

This kind of cookies help the user during the web surfing. They register the choices of the user (for example the language of the web site) and avoid offering services the user already didn't accepted.

Cookies and Social Network

Today is very common to share contents with our contact network. This web site has different cookies, which help the sharing of the contents on social network as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram. You can read the different privacy and cookies policies on the web sites of the social networks.

Here you have some direct links if you want to have more information:

Unexpected cookies

It is very important that we declare our non-involvement in reference to those cookies that are on our web site because bound to multimedia contents or technical components (images, videos, texts...). In case you find cookies of this type, please contact us or the owners of the web sites.


Cookies we use

- Session cookies

They remember data as user-name and password in order to make procedures, as the login, easier.

- 'Plg_system_e_privacy' technical cookie

Is used in order to remember the preferences of the user regarding the use of the cookies.

- Like button and third party Facebook, Inc. services

The “Like” button and the Facebook services are essential in order to interact with the Facebook social network and are supplied by the Facebook, Inc.

- Tweet button and third party Twitter, Inc. services

The “Tweet” button and the Twitter services are essential in order to interact with the Twitter social network and are supplied by the Twitter, Inc.

- Google Fonts and Google Inc. services

Google Fonts is a service which allows to have and display different personalized character styles and is managed by Google Inc.


Addthis is a service which allows the user to share the contents on different social networks.


Selective activation or deactivation of the cookies

Most of the browsers allow cookies, but give the opportunity to the user to disallow them directly. It is also possible to disallow all the cookies by entering the “Options” or “Preferences” sections from the browser menu. It is important to underline that, in case of complete deactivation of the cookies, there could be some problems during the use and view of most of the web sites.

Here you can find the direct links to the most common browsers: for the mobile use

More information

If you want to have more information about cookies you can see:


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